Sunday, January 1, 2012


How can I not blog about resolutions and junk like that when it is January 1, 2012? Like, I sort of need to do this. Especially when one of my resolutions is to

blog more

And that reminds me, I also want to

read more blogs

You can check my blog roll or whatever it's called to see some of my peeps who blog and other blogs I enjoy. I just need to make it a point to read them more often because I think I blow the time I could use for that doing stuff that's not nearly as interesting.

I often (and by often, I'm going to go ahead and say every single year) make a resolution about less. I want there to be less of me and I resolve to eat less in an effort to make that happen. So yes, I am making that resolution again, but I have already been trying to do that and even though I said that Christmas cookies were gonna be my bitch they actually made me their bitch and I mean really. Have you ever had like, four buckets of cookie dough in your fridge? Like, Otis Spunkmeyer already-shaped-into-little-cookie-circles-dough that are really good right out of the bucket and really easy to just slap on a cookie sheet and turn into yummy warm cookies? Well, my advice to you if you have resolved to eat less and you would like for there to be less of you is to not have four buckets of Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough in your fridge. Between that and treats treats everywhere and colder weather and shorter days yes, I have sorta been hibernating a bit and as a result I am maintaining more of a grizzly bear physique than I would like but yes, I would like to get back to going down that healthy road and to that end I would like to

journal my food more (, I've mentioned it before, so cool)
eat more fruits and veggies (Tami was just talking about this in her blog post about her prescription for wellness)
get my kid to eat more fruits and veggies (because I have really sucked hard on that front)

The food part is always so hard. And really, I am always resolved to do better on this front. So I don't see why it hurts to be resolved about this once again. Additionally, I would like to

exercise more (I do so enjoy it... most of the time... and I love endorphins and I just got a Zumba game for the Wii from my Mom for Christmas and of course I love the treadmill for whittling down the DVR and getting my blood pumping at the same time)
get more muscles (Seriously. I have said this before. But seriously, I gotta get the strength training to be a regular thing in my life. I know all the great benefits and yet, I hardly do it. Which is just silly.)

Speaking of muscles, might I just add at this point that I'm watching Date Night (while blogging, because I am a multi-tasker) and though I love Tina Fey and I dig Steve Carell, I wasn't getting into this movie too much and then Mark Wahlberg shows up and he's shirtless and I really think that is an excellent way to get my attention. Just sayin'.

I think I will also resolve to

sing more

It just seems like a good idea and I really enjoy doing it.

There is another resolution I've made but I can't mention it because my mom reads this blog but suffice it to say it's something that seems like a good idea and I really enjoy doing it.

I just ordered up this book for my Kindle because a) I need to

meditate more (and by more, I mean at all, because I don't do it)

and b) it was only $3.82. I know this is something Tami has talked about and I'm sure CdG has, also. I know this is something I need to do. I also know that it seems impossible. But I'm going to give it a whirl.

I also want to

be a nicer person

For real. Like, I want to be

more patient
more tolerant
more understanding

I really do. I am pretty sure those things would make me even happier than I (usually) am. And

more happiness

sounds like a super great idea.

What about you? Any resolutions? What do you want more of in 2012?