Sunday, April 6, 2014

Two Long Paragraphs About How I Really Love Bisquick and My Kid

I think I've professed my love of Bisquick before and if I haven't I should have because it's really great. I am lazy. I know I've said that before. I use Bisquick for savory stuff way more than I ever make pancakes. I should make pancakes more often because my kid loves them, but while making pancakes is easy, you can't make them all at once. At least I can't, because I don't have a commercial size griddle. So that means you have to make a few, take those out of the pan, then make more (see part above about being lazy). Anyway, the other night I made a Bisquick Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie (here's the recipe), except I used ground turkey, and after the turkey was cooked, I threw in like at least two dry cups of chopped fresh baby spinach and just stirred it around for a bit to wilt it down, then threw a little more heat on to further wilt it. So that's what I put at the bottom of my pie plate. And I always use garlic powder for everything so I threw in garlic powder. And then for my cheese I used some pepper jack cheese and maybe a little mozzarella to mellow it out because I was hoping my kid would eat it but apparently she is just firmly anti-ground turkey. This is what I'm finding out and it makes me sad. She says it would have been great except for the ground turkey so I will hold her to that and make this exact recipe sans turkey. Anyway, after I mixed up the rest of the ingredients, I poured it over the top like it says to do, but then I sort of poked all over the surface to try to let some of the wet stuff sink in, since the last time I made an Impossibly Easy Pie I felt like it was too bread-y on top. Anyway, it was DELICIOUS. I just ate some for breakfast so I wanted to tell you guys that you should have some Bisquick in the house because it can help make dinnertime easy and I don't get paid by Bisquick (I wish!!) to say that. I used the Heart Smart because I'll save calories or fat or whatnot anywhere I can and I'm pretty sure you would never taste the difference between it and regular Bisquick. If you've ever heard of the Joe's Special, it's ground beef, spinach, and eggs (here's a little more info, but not much, because I'm lazy), this concoction would be like that except on a biscuit, pretty much. I didn't take a picture of it but you could Google "impossible spinach pie" and you'll get an idea. Seriously, get some Bisquick. You. Are. Welcome.

Last the night the kid and I were watching Dancing With the Stars. Well, in reality, the kid begrudgingly watched the show with me because it's what I wanted to watch and she happened to be in the mood to hang out with me and it's not that she hates the show or anything, it's just that she could think of about a million other things she'd rather watch. At least this season has James from Big Time Rush, and we've seen them in concert twice so he's a little bit of a selling point. But the episode is 2 hours long at one point she goes, "Is this like, a MARATHON of Dancing With the Stars or something?" She's 8, so 2 hours is like, a pretty long time as far as she's concerned. Anyway, NeNe Leakes is on there. NeNe  and I have some history. Because I watched Real Housewives of Atlanta for a minute and the main reason I gave it up was because she worked my nerves. But then I liked her when she was on The New Normal, which was such a darling little show. So I wasn't sure what to think about her being on DWTS, but well, so far so good, and she's with Tony and I love Tony so I'll keep an open mind and all that. But the point is last night she dedicated the dance to her husband, Greg, and if you watch RHOA you will know she just got married to Greg for the second time. As in they were married, got divorced, then got married again. So they're talking about her story and the kid looks at me and she goes, "They got married twice?" And I'm like, "Yep," and she goes, "Well, that will NEVER be you and Dad." And I start laughing and I go, "You're right, we're like that Taylor Swift song, about we are never ever ever getting back together." And later I said to her, you know what's cool? You get that your dad and I SHOULDN'T be together. And she's like, yes. And I was like, you get that Dad and I were supposed to be your parents, but we were NOT supposed to be married to each other. And she's like yes, and I said, you're probably so used to it being just you and me you wouldn't even want some guy in the house, even if it WAS your dad. And she's like no. Way. And that's why she is so smart. Because she gets that life is imperfect and that in a perfect world, the two people she loves most would have loved each other and made a great couple. But that our world is still perfect because I'm happy and she's happy and we have each other and we like how we roll. Now granted, this could have been so different had she been a lot older when we split. She was just a little older than three at the time. All I know is that I'm so grateful that she likes her world just as it is. It makes me very happy. It makes me feel quite perfect amidst all of life's imperfections.