Monday, September 22, 2008

Why? And also politics.

First of all, why?

Jen, you will all undoubtedly ask, why do you need to blog? The most obvious answer is why the hell not? But seriously, it is because for close to 30 years, I've thought that maybe I have something I need to say. Or more importantly and egotistically, I have something to say and I need people to hear it. Or read it, or whatever. I cannot explain why this is the case. I cannot explain why I want people to know what is inside of my head. Even as I write this I think that the contents therein are probably truly best left where they are, to fester and ferment. But I'll try to leave the ones that fester and pester there, and instead share the ones that entertain and delight. Wow, I can't believe I just said that, because I am only setting myself up for failure. I will change that now and say that instead of trying to entertain you, I am just going to say whatever the hell is in my mind that day, and do with it what you wish.

I have had a motto for several years that goes something like this: "I feel the reason I'm here is to entertain and be entertained." Seriously. This seems like a silly, meaningless, empty sort of motto to have. I disagree. Life is short. I think we should spend as much of it laughing and smiling or making people do the same as possible.

This is also my motto because sometimes I feel I don't have much else to add. For example, do not ask me about politics. I know I'm a Democrat, have always been and will always be. This is about where my knowledge begins and ends. I do know that they always seem to be the ones who want more teachers and libraries and everyone to have equal rights, regardless of skin color or with whom they sleep, so it makes sense that I belong to this party because I think these are good things. Also, if you watch the conventions, you will see that obviously, the Dems look way more like they would be fun at a party. Even the most conservative Rush-Limbaugh-loving Michael-Savage-adoring of you know this is true. If you were trying to throw a really fun party you would totally invite the crowds from the Democratic convention and not the stiffs from the other one.

So I will not debate you on the issues. I know what I know (which is very little) and I feel what I feel in my heart (which is a whole lot). This being said, I have made it my goal to start paying way more attention to what is happening in the world and become super educated about politics, current affairs and whatnot. I think I will start by watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, as both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert make me laugh any time I see them, and yet I do not watch these shows. I believe I need to start my education about issues by getting them in heaping hilarious, satirical, comical doses from, of course, left-leaning hilarious guys. Then perhaps I will move on to some real news, the stuff I try to avoid because it super bums me out and gets in the way of me being entertained.

As I have told countless folks, especially the one (because there has only been one so far who has been so blatant about it) who accuses me of burying my head in the sand, if something really important happens, I have a whole bunch of friends and family members who will let me know. Also I will catch a blip about it when I sign in to Yahoo! to check my e-mail.

And the title of this blog, Work in Progress? It's because it is and so am I. For the love of all that's good and holy, I really hope I am.


Kimberly Gallagher-Wright said...

Love it!

vanessa vichit-vadakan said...

yay! welcome to the blogging vortex! can't wait to see whatcha got. xoxo