Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am filled with regret right now. I write this so that maybe I save one of you from feeling the same way.

A friend of mine passed away the other day. She was a very interesting person with a great sense of humor. I hadn't seen her in... probably two years. She was living in an assisted living facility and though it was in the same town in which I live, I hadn't been to visit her.

Why? Any number of reasons that don't make any difference now. I just know now, too late, that I should have taken the time to see her.

I would give anything to hear one more story from her youth or about the way things used to be at the police department. Or have a chance to tell her how much I enjoyed her company during those few dinners or lunches we shared. Or that time she entertained me while we endured the mundane task of watches boxes and boxes of old records get put in a gigantic shredder. I would tell her I wished she hadn't had to have dealt with some of the strife she endured. I wish her life had been easier, and I wish I'd not said to myself countless times, "One of these days I'll go and visit her."

I do this with many things in my life. One of these days I'll deal with the boxes that have sat unpacked in my garage for the past year. Or I'll fill out those divorce papers. Or I'll really get this house so organized that there is a place for everything and everything's in its place.

And those things will get done. But I won't get one more story from Topsy. So if there's someone you've been meaning to see or call, just do it. You won't be sorry.

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