Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Week in Six Easy Parts, AKA The Post Where I Copy Tami's Saturday Senses

I love to copy be inspired by my girl Tami over at Teacher Goes Back To School. Because I love her, personally, and she's awesome, and she's always making me want to write because she is so good about doing it all the time. Meanwhile I'm over here and hella flipping lazy as all get out so I like, never do. But thanks to Tami, I'm going to write something.

She does a Saturday Senses post every week, and she was inspired to do that by Pink of Perfection's Five Sense Friday. One person inspires another and that person inspires another and so on and so forth. See how that works? That's like life and shit, right? Awesome.

So here's my week, sorta, in six easy parts.

Tasting: The sauce I made last night for my lasagna or lasagne that I'm bringing to my brother's house tonight for my sister-in-law's belated birthday dinner. It was off the chain. Basically sorta like the recipe I posted before, except, well, totally different. Same sausage, TJ's three cheese sauce, tablespoon of garlic powder, couple of teaspoons of red pepper flakes, 3 anchovy fillets (chopped up super tiny, they melt into the sauce), couple of teaspoons of capers, oh, and like a cup of Trader Joe's marinara. Probably needed even a tiny bit more sauce but it worked. It was SO SO SO SO SO SO GOOD. (FYI, for cheese I used like 2 ounces of TJ's Celtic Lite Cheddar and I think 2.25 ounces of TJ's goat Gouda [because I LOVE THAT STUFF]. And I drank Pacifico while making it.)

Hoping my lasagna will look something like this tonight. Yum.

Hearing: The Best Thing I Ever Ate on Food Network. My gay boyfriend Ted Allen was just on there. I love that guy. I love that for some reason our cable at work changed and now instead of like 6 channels we get 7 or 8 and one of them is Food Network.

One of my gay boyfriends, Ted Allen

Smelling: Coffee. I love the smell and it's such an essential start to my day. I'm always like, I should totally switch to green tea. And then I'm like, no. Because it doesn't taste like coffee.

Seeing: Someone I hadn't seen in a while and realizing they are even more handsome than I remember especially when they haven't shaved.

Feeling: As Fergie sings in "Big Girls Don't Cry," clarity, peace, and serenity. Because I spent some time with myself and centered. Just like in the song. And made the realization that the right decisions aren't the easy or fun ones all the time but there is peace in making those decisions.

Wishing/hoping:  That the next few weeks are not as rough as the past few weeks have been and that some things that are up in the air turn out my way. Because I'm selfish like that. No, seriously, I hope for some resolve and closure and more peace that will come with that. And I also hope that I have a great time on a little road trip with my mom and baby next week and that they don't drive me completely nuts because they think I'M the crazy one but we all know they are like two adorable slices of crazy bread and I'm the sane filling. I know. Scary thought, right? Seriously, I don't really need to hope I have a great time because I always do with those two.

What up n YOUR world this morning, what are the hip haps, what's the 4-1-1? This week? This month? I'd love to hear about whatever you'd like to share.

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Tami - Teacher Goes Back to School said...

yay for inspiration!

That the next few weeks are not as rough as the past few weeks have been and that some things that are up in the air turn out my way. <-- um, yes. that exactly.