Saturday, November 30, 2013

I'm Fat, and You're Not. Good For You.

People who inspire me don't feel the need to point out that this group or that group shouldn't be getting positive media attention (here's the article and video about "Fit Mom" that made me do this post that started out as a Facebook status that was getting to long). I don't think it should get you kicked off Facebook, I just think it makes you kind of obnoxious if you can't just revel in how freaking awesome you look and that you accomplished that and that you're inspiring some people. Not me, because while many people inspire me this lady is not one of them.

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I kinda love this shirt so much right now I could marry it

If I looked like this lady, I would spend all the livelong day clothes shopping and having noookie during which time I would turn cartwheels and bend myself into every conceivable position known to mankind, much to the pleasure of the luckiest man in the world, my partner. I mean, I guess even the shopping and constant nookie would get boring after a while, but I don't see when I would have the time to look for people to put down or to be concerned that too many people admire them. COME. THE EFF. ON.

And I guess it's because I've been there. I'm there now. I know it's hard. I don't know this lady's story when it comes to a partner or a job or whatever but I know it can be extra hard if you're a single mom. Or you're a single mom and do shift work. Or if you are a single mom and do shift work and ever spent some of your time helping to care for a parent. Or deal with an ex with a shit ton of problems. And I guess the deal is that these aren't excuses, they're just life. I don't make excuses. I know at anytime I can just say fuck it. I'm on it. I'm eating right. I'm getting up before work to exercise. I'm going to do it all right because I KNOW how to do it. I just haven't yet, at least recently.

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I had to post this because it had me cracking up

While trying to Google images that might work in this post, I came across this post by The Militant Baker who just might be one of the most awesome bloggers upon whom I've ever had the fortune to stumble and I plan to devour a bunch more of her stuff. In the meantime, this is just AWESOME.

I'm fat right now is because of me. Because I've had a hot body and I know how I got there before. I know the reasons I overeat, and I know that every day is the day I hope that I'll turn my shit around. Hell, it could be today, who knows. But in the meantime I sure as hell will find lingerie that I can rock should the need arise to rock some lingerie. I'm. Just. Saying.


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