Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Post About What I'm Thinking About Right Now

In no particular order, certainly not in order of importance, I'm just going to talk about what's on my mind at the moment. And when I say it won't be in order of importance, I mean that probably nothing will be important so you might want to stop reading right now.

I don't have time to really sit and think of a composed sort of anything; my mind is a jumble of thoughts because I haven't finished my second cup of coffee and I'm on a time constraint because I've gotta get on the treadie so I can get in 40-ish minutes and have enough time to get ready and make a quick trip to the store before Spook picks me up for the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival today where we will see the Spazmatics play, yes, those NERDS THAT ROCK. (I'd think you'd say "nerds who rock," but hey, it's from their website.

Anyway, in my head:

Sleeping in was awesome. First time I've been able to stay in bed until 8 in a month.

Doing all this blogging has been swell, but I'm going to have to work on my posture at my desk. Don't think I'm terrible ergonomically correct at home and I'm feeling it in my old neck.

This week I WILL use the weight room at work. Tams has mentioned the weight room at her gym a couple of times, in her blog and on Facebook and I have been talking about how I have been doing ZERO strength training which makes no sense when a) I like it and b) I know how good it is for me, when it comes to my bones and metabolism and c) I have weights at home and d) I can use the weight room at work. For free. Whenever I want. And it's down street from my house. So I will be doing that at least once if not twice this week. Maybe it was never in my head because I didn't want people from work potentially seeing me look like a hag in workout clothes and no makeup? Ummm, I'm over that.

I need to clean my house. I mean, like, all the parts of my house, not just the parts I usually do because we're in them or the parts that company might see. It's redonk. Have I mentioned how much I hate cleaning the house?

With all this zucchini in my freezer (9 cups at the moment, thanks to gifts from the gardens of Steph and my next door neighbor), I WILL figure out a way to sneak some into Kayla's mouth this week. Whether it be in a muffin or a cookie or a smoothie, I gotta get this kid to eat vegetables. Not even MORE vegetables. ANY vegetables. I've laid such a bad foundation by not being more conventional about our eating habits. I gotta work on that s#%t.

I was reading Buddhism for Dummies in the john (a. k. a. "The Reading Room) this morning and I need to spend more time reading it. Such good stuff in there. About suffering and ending it and living morally. Yes. I need to be there.

Okay, my time's beyond being up. I know I mentioned this earlier this week, but my time management skills suck. I need to work on that.

What are you thinking about today?


Tami (Teacher Goes Back to School) said...

I'm thinking about Ruby, traveling, jet lag, changing diapers (and how I think I've changed one once), wondering how not to f this up.

Thinking about why I don't exercise more since I like how it feels when it is done and how walking around the park with Jenna and her babies for TWO HOURS felt like 15 minutes. Dude, gotta get a kid in a stroller and go.

Thinking about how weird food is for me right now. I'm having trouble knowing what I want and making it happen. Or really even being interested in food until I'm starving.

Thinking about how some think blogging is just an exercise in navel-gazing, but I disagree. I feel connected to my readers and those whose blogs I read. I wish more people did it.

Jennifer Moore-Skallerud said...

I think I'd changed one dipaer before I had my kid. I was deathly afraid of holding babies, not even kidding. Thank goodness for my baby daddy who had been there, done that, but even without that you wind up figuring it out (and books and friends and the Internet are always gret resources!)

Blogging... I wonder if I am a navel-gazer (I had to look that up, by the way) at times... I don't know. I just like to express myself this way, whether I'm Tweeting, Facebooking, emailing, chatting via IM, texting... I like to TALK. And I like the idea of tlaking to people I might not normally talk to through the blog. And I LOVE the idea of it being a conversation; I am so inpired by your blog and the way you always ask questions. I always hoped that it was *implied* in my blogs that I *want* people to share with me, but asking questions is such a great way to show that I want to LISTEN to other people. Just like when I'm talking to a few of my besties, I want to learn from other people and be inspired by them. That is a HUGE part of my life. When it comes to blogging and dieting and exercising, I'm so much ore successful when I have support and inspiration and suggestions!!!!! I am SO not an island AT ALL.

Jennifer Moore-Skallerud said...

Oh, and I wish more people did it, too. I think there are a bunch of folks with really interesting stuff to share.