Friday, July 13, 2012

I Procrastinate So Much That Here's a Post About June Stuff That I'm Going to Post in July

So today is Friday, July 13th. I totally have no plans to tell Kayla that I want to switch places with her because as we know, if you do that on Friday the 13th there is a possibility of a Freaky Friday scenario. Plus, I truly believe that in some ways, being 42 is easier than being 6, but that's a whole other post. So anyway, I started this post below sometime in June and never went back to it, so I'll post it and I guess it needs to be finished so it's a June post with July bread on it. And then maybe I'll do a fresh post, like a July sandwich, complete with yummy July filling and July bread and everything. Why does everything have to be about food for me? Yet another whole other post...

I haven't posted since March. That's just silly. But it's also how I roll. I mean, I've done some blog posts for Pinole Patch, but still, my real blog has been woefully neglected, as usual.

I'm planning to make some lasagne for a favorite colleague of mine with who's last day on the job is June 17th, so I came to my blog to send the recipe to his wife to make sure there was nothing in there he didn't like, and that's when I noticed the last post was March 21st. So there's my first June thing, a good pal and great co-worker is moving on to a job he really wants to do and I'll miss him. He's been great fun to have around and it won't be the same but I wish him all the luck in the world in his new endeavor and I know he'll rock it.

July update: He loved the lasagne and I miss that guy!

Today, June 9, 2012, would have been my 10th wedding anniversary. So on this day I am eternally grateful to no longer be married and reminded that those blasted three pieces of paper that need to be turned in to the court to finalize my divorce ARE SITTING ON MY DINING ROOM TABLE. None of the reasons I haven't turned those in yet have anything to do with wanting to be married to my ex or ANYONE, I swear, Mom. Since I'm on vacation this week I'll get that done.

July update: I turned those papers in on June 22nd (well, I attempted to do it the day before but I was missing a form so I had to go back)!!!! Now, I'm just waiting for that piece of paper to come in the mail that says girl, you are FREE, as in, officially a single lady like all the single ladies who is not going to be singing a song about how if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it because this single lady has been there done that.

On June 6th I turned 42. I'm cool with that. I feel really thankful that turning 40 was one of the best things ever.  I mean, I was really adjusted to being single and loving my place in life with my daughter and my friends and my family, so to hit a number like that just as you feel your life is exactly where it should be is so very helpful as far as not freaking out about aging goes. And I don't feel old. Don't get me wrong. Sometimes my body feels very, very, very, very old. I mean super old. But mostly I don't feel that way inside so I'm gonna try to ride that train as long as I can and think of birthdays as a day might go out and party (as I did on this last one) and get a whole bunch of super sweet messages on Facebook (like I did this week) and even maybe get someone singing me Happy Birthday on my voicemail (which also happened). So really, what is there to complain about??

July update: I still like being 42.

The part to complain about would be mortality. Getting older, ostensibly getting one year closer to the end of my time on this planet. I'm very much not liking to think about mortality these days, mine or that of people around me. I just don't want to think about the end. I'm way more into thinking about the days we have right NOW.

July update: I still hate the fact that one day I won't be around and neither will people I love. I just hate it.

June 1st was Kayla's Kindergarten graduation. Luckily, I was distracted by being hot (as usual) and the fact that my camera was acting up so I didn't even cry. I teared up the day before when I had the privilege of being at the graduation rehearsal - as soon as I heard "Pomp and Circumstance" playing and saw the kids walking around the multipurpose room I was like wow, this is really happening. Her last day of school was June 8th. So bittersweet, because it's just been an unbelievably awesome year. I've enjoyed being in her classroom one day each week for most of the year, and I love the kids in her class, and part of me just wishes we could re-run this year every year, but we all know she's going to start first grade... and then turn seven... and start second grade... and turn eight... whether I'm on board with these changes or not. And I loved age four. But then I liked five even better. And now I'm a huge fan of six. So let's hope it keeps going on like that, at least until we hit ages that end with "teen."

July update: I still love six and we are having a fantastic summer. That kid is awesome.

June 10th we'll head to Monterey for an overnight trip with two of our very dearest friends, the first of hopefully several cool things we'll do this summer. This is our first summer break, of sorts, since when Kayla was in Tiny Tots she went during the summer, too. So this is truly a summer during which I'll appreciate sleeping in if I want to on my weekends (which happen to be on weekdays) and the time I get to spend with my kid, either just chilling or getting out and enjoying some sunshine and nature and all that good stuff. Happiness.

July update: Kayla's first trip to the ocean (Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove) was a smashing success. She said it was the best day ever. But we went to Stinson the other day and she said THAT was the best day ever. Asilomar was the second best day ever, and the day we went to the pool down the street a few weeks ago was the third best day ever. She makes so many of my days the best day ever. Also, I love to sleep in on my weekends very much.

So, I like June. I'll probably dig July and August. Most likely I'll be a fan of the months that follow. At least that's the plan. I wish the same for all of you.

July update: So far so good mostly in July, and I hope you guys are having a great summer. I am thinking of something I heard someone say before, someone famous, and I have no clue who they were or what it was exactly that they said. But it was basically like hey, make the most out of summer because you're only going to get so many of them. Which I take to mean that when we look at each day, sure, hopefully, you have a bunch of those. If you're lucky. But you don't have a bunch of summers, really. Like, I've had 20-something as a grown-up, which is not all that many, if you think about it. And I'll only have a few more, maybe, where the kid wants to hang out with me and stand in the waves and hold my hand at the beach. So take all that blah blah blah that I just said and make the most of your summer. And every day, of course.

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