Friday, September 21, 2012

The Contents of My Head: Friday Edition

I apologize in advance because I'm just not feeling a post that I could consider an organized bunch of thoughts. So I'm just going to write about the stuff that is going on right now.

  • I have entirely too many dishes to do. I do not have a dishwasher, and in my whole life outside of my parents' house (1994 to present) there were only like 4 years when I did have a dishwasher, when I owned a house in Fairfield. So no big thing, but also my faucet has been sorta broken for months now, meaning when I turn it on it makes a HORRIBLE noise and the water pressure is all jacked up so you can see how this, on top of my normal laziness, would make it that there are dishes piled up. Those things and the fact that I actually cooked some stuff so yes. A lot of dishes. And I don't want to do them but I know that's first on the list after this post.
  • I missed the Endeavour flyover. Well, first of all, I'm oblivious and didn't even realize that was happening today until I saw a friend (Mamasattva) Tweet about it. And then who knows if I would have seen it from my little neck of the woods, though I did see this really big jet stream from my backyard so maybe that was it, who knows. The good thing is that I was reminded that my backyard is super duper peaceful. Chirping birds and it's all nature-y out there. Serenity NOW!
  • Yesterday was a bad day to forget to take my meds. Well, any day is, but yesterday especially so.
  • Today was picture day at the kid's school. First of all, my kid is beautiful. Which is great. Second of all, she tends to do this thing when she smiles where she is thinking too much. Or something. It's hard to explain but I'm all like, look, just SMILE. Like, have your eyes smile, too. She's like, like this? And I'm like well, think of something really funny. Like Paper Jam Dipper (from Gravity Falls, which is a hilarious show) or something. Still, the smile is too forced or it's not going with her eyes. I just want her to look in her pictures like she is the happy kid she is and not like she is full of all this inner turmoil but trying to smile for the camera. Because she really isn't. So hopefully I didn't do a major head job on her and when they tell her to smile she's gonna be all like, what did Mommy tell me to do? Smile with my eyes? Paper Jam Dipper? And have like a wackadoodle meltdown. Because that would suck. And then I put this cute yellow jacket on her, it's super adorable but it's basically like a casual zip-up hooded sweatshirt sort of deal, but she totally looked like SUNSHINE, with this coat and the light blue dress with white polka dots and a daisy on it with a bright yellow center. So she's like I want to wear the jacket in the picture. I'm like you should take it off. She gets all pouty. I'm like holy. Heck. In my mind, I'm thinking is there NOTHING I can say or do this morning that will actually be RIGHT??? I'm like wear the jacket if you want, but keep it open so we can see the dress. Then as I'm walking away I'm all discombobulated and it occurs to me that I didn't check her eyebrows and smooth them out. So who knows what her eyebrows will look like in the picture. Sigh. She's cute. I'm sure it will be fine.
  • I am madly and passionately in love with my daughter. She is hands down the very best thing that has ever happened to me and she brings me a ridiculous amount of joy. But sometimes her wackadoodle parts are like mine with the volume turned up, mixed with being bolder and more opinionated than I EVER was at the age of six-almost-seven, so I sometimes feel like I'm being slapped in my face with ME. Another sigh. I wouldn't change a thing. But yes, this is the part where my mom is laughing. Because I did get a kid very much like myself. But way, way better.
  • I really do love my kid more than life itself. And usually life with her is very easy.
  • Do you know what is NOT easy? Anything that has to do with me and boys, it seems (insert your favorite joke about being "easy" here).
  • According to Facebook, I really am the only person in the Bay Area who missed the Endeavour flyover. Sheesh.
  • I read a blog post today that made me cry. It was so good. Klonnie, you're hecka awesome, and a huge part of why I've managed to blog three days in a row.
  • Crap. My head is empty and so is my coffee cup so I guess I need to do those f#$king dishes now.

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Kimberly Gallagher-Wright said...

Kayla's pic will be awesome...because basically, she is awesome, and it's all good! Don't worry. :)

But...beware...I just got Maya's school pictures back last night..and they gave her a gray background by mistake (Yuck!) AND they inserted a portrait sheet of the teacher. (Weird). Good news is that Lifetouch's customer service was pretty flipping awesome this morning. Sending me a new portrait package in the mail corrected, and told me to keep the pics I she laughed to no end that I got the teacher's portrait sheet as hey, at least they have a sense of humor AND made it right immediately without any hassle...almost as good as having no problems at all, since I LOVE and am heartened by good customer service!

And I am making the whipped feta/lemon crostini (spelled wrong, forgive me, am not going to good how to correctly spell crosini!) for that should combat any missed meds! Oh yea, and Beer!

Love you!