Monday, April 1, 2013

I Feel Much Better Now

I really do. What a difference a couple of days makes. Also being on vacation for seven days starting today. Also hanging with my kid, just being lazy, starting the day cuddling in bed with the kitty. Also looking forward to a get-away in a few days with a couple of my best besties.

Also posts like this on Facebook:

photo credit: Positive Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes your friends post stuff at exactly the right time you need to see it. One of the many things I like about Facebook.

Also there is hecka stuff that makes me laugh. Like my propensity for setting cups and glasses on the edges of tables or, apparently, counters. My brother was razzing me about this and my proclivity toward klutziness last night, and then this morning I set my coffee cup down, walk away to do something, then come back and immediately take a picture to send to him because it looks like this:

Also since I joined this century last week and upgraded my phone to one of those fancy phones the kids talk about nowadays with the touchscreen-nanigans and whatnot, I was able to lay in bed and watch a little bit of Gossip Girl. ON MY PHONE. And last night the kid and I were talking about something we wanted to look up (when the new episode of Kickin' It comes on, not a show she watches all the time but she wants to see the new "Spyfall" episode [which, by the way, comes on Disney XD tonight]), and I was like oh let me send myself a message to do that and then I went, HEY WAIT A MINUTE! I can actually look that up now on my fancy phone!

Also (and this goes with the thing about being on vacation) it's 10:13 a.m. and I'm still in my jammies. And my hair is a mess. And I don't care! We might actually be having a super lazy day. Except I need to exercise because I've been nothing but gluttonous of late (see last post about getting my heart broken). Or we might go the movies today. Or maybe tomorrow. We're just like, we can do whatever we wanna do. That's pretty awesome. I rarely get days off with my kid because I work weekends so just being with her (even if it's like right now, where she is watching Littlest Pet Shop videos on YouTube and pointing out funny parts to me while I write this) is outf$%kingstanding beyond belief.

I was talking to some friends this morning and I told them what bothered me, and this is what I was trying to express in my last post, I guess, is that I like being all stiff upper lip and laughing instead of crying and stuff like that. I like that being a part of me. But lately I have been feeling like this other version of me, stuck in a sad place from which I can't crawl out. I do not like it, not one little bit. I know we need to take our time and grieve what we need to grieve. We need to feel it, not squash the feelings or anything. So maybe that's where I've been a little bit, doing a little grieving. And I'm sure my hormones gave me a helping hand.

But today, I really seriously do feel much better. I didn't want to keep that UGH post as my last thing when I'm not feeling like that right now.

I hope none of you are feeling ugh and if you do, I hope that feeling passes hecka quickly.

Might I suggest to you a Littlest Pet Shop video on YouTube? Kayla says they are great. No, seriously, you'd rather poke yourself in the eye with a rusty nail as my friend Stephy Poo would say, than watch a Littlest Pet Shop video, so I'm kidding. But I DO recommend a bunch of hugs and some funny TV or talking to a funny friend. Those are three really good things.

What DO you guys do to pull yourself out of a funk? Or what do you think about? I can always use some tips!

And another one for you is exercise, though you probably already knew that. I'm about to get some endorphin magic right now.

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