Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Hip Haps of the Week

You guys know I like to copy Tami over at Teacher Goes Back to School as often as I can. I'm sure she does not mind because I'm sure she loves inspiring my lazy ass to write something down. So as usual, darling Tams, one million thanks to you.

You guys can check out her Saturday Senses post here.

Here's some of the stuff from my week.

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Tasting... spaghetti, eaten at the table with my daughter. I could not tell you the last time we ate together at the table and I could not believe she was willing to try spaghetti. It was the most beautiful, magical plate of spaghetti ever.

Hearing... the things that come up in conversation with my beautiful girl when we are at the table free of distractions from the TV or the phone or the computer. I already knew this, but hanging with her like that reminds me of how interesting and funny and smart and fabulous she is.

Smelling... someone pass by me at Target wearing cologne that so totally reminded me of someone, in a good way. I love the connection of smells to our memories.

Seeing... insanity in the news and being really super glad my daughter is still young enough that she doesn't have to see it. I'm all for keeping my kid innocent for as long as it is feasible, possible, and logical. She will spend way more of her life aware of really bad things than not. Also seeing the City of Boston and its residents and its law enforcement being amazing.

Feeling... mindful, for the first time in just about ever, thanks to a mindful eating group I joined this week. Meditating (with my kid, no less), has been... I don't know the word to describe it. Empowering?  Enlightening? Interesting? Completely different than anything I've ever experienced before? I'm just stoked to find I can do it. Sorta. But it's only been two days for ten minutes each time and one time was a lot easier from the other but that's why they say you PRACTICE meditation, right? I'm sure my friends who practice meditation like Tams and Mamasattva would agree. Oh yes. I'm going to need a bunch more practice.

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Wishing/hoping... for health and happiness for my kid. I mean, that's an always thing, but she's had a few things recently effect her mood and... well, I worry because she's wired like me. She's so sensitive and feels things so intensely and sometimes she needs to just RELAX. We're working on it.

What are you guys seeing feeling tasting smelling wishing doing this week? I'd love to know because I'm nosy like that and sharing is FUN!

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Tami - Teacher Goes Back to School said...

yay for dinners that everyone eats!

the cologne thing doesn't happen often, but man, when it does...